SEA partners of Medical Services

MED MXP & MED LIN is the partner that SEA has selected, through a tender procedure, to create a medical services hub located at T1 at Malpensa, in front of the Respighi room which will include for seven years the collection center, clinic, aesthetic medicine, laboratory.

MED MXP, in the contingent pandemic situation, offers the service of rapid antigenic and molecular PCR swabs to passengers, airport operators and all citizens, with the aim pf keeping costs and times as low as possible.

MED LIN, with a view to offering a service also to Linate users, has opened its Covid test center on the departures floor of Forlanini airport.

MED MXP & MED LIN, belong to Cabe Group, which includes Stelviolab and Medicenter, SMeL laboratory and the clinics authorized by region Lombardia.

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